The iPad Artist, Part 1: A laptop doesn’t always cut it

Until recently, my primary computer was a 14″ Lenovo 720S. It’s a powerful little guy; perhaps not as much as your thick, hefty gaming devices, but capable nonetheless. Portability was a key concern when I was deciding which laptop I should get myself, a little over a year ago, and this notebook ticked nearly all the boxes that I’d borne in mind at the time, with a relatively solid $1000 price tag. I’d still recommend it to anyone looking specifically for a well-built, svelte Windows 10 video machine.

As the year passed, however, the limitations of the laptop – despite its lightweight footprint – became all too apparent.

As context for all the non-artists reading this, a standard laptop-based artstation includes:

  • The laptop (what a twist, eh?)
  • A Wacom tablet of varying sizes
  • A mouse (many grow accustomed to laptop trackpads, though, as a result of wanting to deal with fewer components)
  • Therefore, a chair and a table that can accommodate all of these things.

If you’re with me so far, you probably realise that this rules out being able to (conveniently) work in, say, trains, airplanes, and even beds, among a plethora of other social scenarios.

So with all of that, I decided to follow in the footsteps of several of my friends and colleagues who’ve made the move towards complementing their respective art workflows with iPads and a miscellany of tablets.

The next post will focus on my selection process for what to buy. Stay tuned!