Candyland Music Video: 3rd Year Design Project

In the initial months of my third year in college, Delhi-based musician Tarana Marwah – known professionally as Komorebi – approached me to do a music video for a track from her then-upcoming album, Soliloquy.

I was all too eager to accept; as an animation student, I’d never worked with anyone in a professional capacity before. Unfortunately, with this project, it shows.As it goes with the learning process across most professions, I did feel some reluctance in sharing this film as it showcases my relative lack of skill and refinement two years ago. At the same time, however, I also feel that is exactly why I should be sharing this film, as it is an important milestone for me as an animator and filmmaker.

Here’s some of the initial concept art for the film. A lot of what I was trying – such as dissolve layers for that grainy effect – was for the very first time. 

Here’s the animatic for the film:

And finally, here is the music video for Candylad, by Komorebi.