Photos of People

Before I developed a more keen interest (and an enormous degree of fondness) in photography, I had a tendency to not want any people in my pictures. Consequently, and in hindsight, a vast majority of the photos I took before college are outright boring. I never considered the beauty that people – when well-captured – bring to photographs. 
I have an extremely strong preference for candid photographs – pictures that are pre-planned or modelled for by professionals leave me with a bad taste in my mouth; when I click my pictures, I’ve developed a habit of distracting my subjects with banter and (terrible) jokes, or to simply wait until they’re not paying attention to me. There’s something pure and human about capturing photographs where the camera isn’t influencing the scene.
Without any further ado, here are all the photos I’ve taken since that life-changing decision that very enthusiastically make people that I love their centerpiece.