Sexual Harassment at Symbiosis Law School: Comic

Apoorva YK and Snigdha Jayakrishnan, two students from Symbiosis Law School in Hyderabad, raised hell in their college after it repeatedly decided to do little to nothing about rampant sexual harassment issues faced by its students.

As a reward for their efforts, their college had them evicted from campus on trumped-up charges, and there began their crusade against SLS-H to get it to treat its students like actual human beings instead of moneybags.

At the time of writing this, they are currently in a legal battle with the institution, so go ahead and support them! You can start by signing this petition by, that aims to amplify public support for the two students, so that they can get back to living life AS STUDENTS.

Every little bit matters, so please share a minute of your time to help out!