The Elephant in the Room: 4th Year Design Project

My classroom project – the one I had worked on prior to my graduation project – was possibly the most freedom I had ever had in terms of expression and self-indulgence. The story was personal here too, but I chose a more abstract, unusual way to present it and its various metaphors, and it went by the title The Elephant in the Room.

The narrative there was about the meandering and endless nature of arguments made in the name of discourse today. It spoke of how some of us – whether of our own volition or not – tend to either, quite literally, force-feed the elephant in the room, or make it a point to completely ignore it.

Consequently, everyone I presented this film to enjoyed it – but at the same time, came up with wildly different interpretations (including one delightful viewer who figured this was a pretty great short film on drug abuse), leading me to feel the need to take a less ambiguous, more focused approach to  my writing and conception process.

At the same time, though, it is also the first short film I’ve made that I am actually fond of to a degree, and wouldn’t refrain from hiding it from my peers the same way I previously would with older projects.

Contributing to this is the score for this film, produced by a musician friend of mine – Protyay Chakroborty – a violinist and composer of considerable skill. Unfortunately, owing to a corrupted hard-disk, all my preproduction and individual shot files for this film were lost, and I was forced to use a cloud-backed version of the final film that I salvaged in, thankfully, one piece.